Starry Galaxies
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Good Vibes HERE
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Good Vibes HERE
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so gooooood






I just started seeing a new girl and I have to say I like her a lot and I probably will be with her for a very long time


Haha thanks I cant even believe how lucky I am it took me completely by surprise.

Stop making random letters bold fuckhead

You are right and it wont happen again Im a little tired and im completely sorry I understand your frustration.

This is my favorite thing on tumblr.

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Amazing Fact Submissions By You Guys Part 2


I am really impressed with the submissions. There are overwhelming numbers of them and I still haven’t gone through them all, but with the current list that I have just put up here, they are fantastic! Keep up the good work and thanks for submitting!

When it comes to placebo, studies have found…

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"Ambiverts (people are both extroverted and introverted) tend to be more creative due to their greater flexibility in situations."(via psych-facts)
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